Petroglyph and Wine Tour Saturday

We had a great turnout and a perfect day for the Petroglyph Guided Tour Saturday. We picked guests up in the lobby and drove to WA side and then East to the State park.

Thanks to our guide Julie from the Horsetheif State Park for such an informational and privledged tour.

You can sign up for the  guided tour at the park is Friday’s and Saturdays April through November, and you’ll need reservations. It is about an hour and you see Pictographs and Petroglyphs made by Native Americans from this area and also other’s who traveled here for special occasions. The images are speculated to be between 300-5000 years old. There is also a free access area where you can see the rock art on your own if you don’t sign up for the tour. This is open during park hours. Afterwards we followed up with a wine tour to Maryhill Winery, Cascade Cliffs, and Sunshine Mill in The Dalles.

Check out blog and web site for more upcoming tours and outings! Suggestions? Let us know !

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