Summer on Celilo Inn’s Patio

Celilo Inn guests take in the view

This past Saturday, many of Celilo Inn’s guests could be found sitting on the patio, taking in the beautiful summer evening. The patio overlooks the historic The Dalles Dam which is on the breathtaking Columbia River.  Accompanying the great view was the wonderful weather. The 80 degree temperature with a nice breeze and striking sunset made for a perfect evening to sit outside (and our guests took advantage of this opportunity)!


Although the weather and view that The Dalles,OR provides is a luxury in and of itself, Celilo Inn has decided to enhance our guests experience with a relaxing event that will happen every Saturday 6:00pm-9:00pm. This past Saturday (and on future Saturday’s) Celilo Inn invited Bill Coones’ Jazz Trio to perform live on the patio. The Jazz Trio played a variety of jazz and classic blues songs that helped create a soothing and fun ambiance. Guests of all ages had an enjoyable time listening and singing along to the songs.



In addition to providing live music, Celilo Inn also had a free wine tasting in the lobby; located next to the patio. While the winery will change from

Waving Tree Owners pouring for Celilo Inn Guests

week to week, this past Saturday Celilo Inn featured local winery Waving Tree Vineyards and Winery.  Our guests had a choice of tasting any of the four wines brought for tasting. The four delicious wines included Zinplify, a Zinfandel blend, Sangiovese, Grenache, and Barbera, an Italian varietals wine. The wine tasting lasted from 6:30-7:30. If our guests found a wine that they especially liked, bottles were available for purchase.


As many wine enthusiasts know, you can’t have wine without cheese! With this in mind, Celilo Inn provided platters of various cheeses and crackers, as well as fresh grapes, melons and strawberries.


Cheese, crackers and fruit for Celilo Inn Guests

With wine glass in hand, our guests had a pleasant evening, sitting on the patio watching the sunset while listening to great music, tasting delicious wine and eating scrumptious snacks. If you missed out on this past Saturday’s party on the patio don’t worry! As stated, Celilo Inn will be holding this rejuvenating event every Saturday,6:00pm-9:00pm until October.


For more information about this event and others you can contact us at, or you can visit our website For the latest updates Like us on Facebook.


Thanks for stopping by!

Sunset at Celilo Inn

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