Big Jim’s Is A Big Hit

Diners have always held a place in our hearts (and our stomachs!) Perhaps it is the nostalgic quality about them, or maybe it’s the fact that the food, although simple, is just really that good. The Dalles is fortunate enough to have one such eating establishment in its own backyard! Big Jim’s Drive In, located just a few minutes down the road from Celilo Inn, is a must for guests that are craving some old school delicious food!
Established in 1968, Big Jim’s has been a town favorite for over 40 years! Known for their burgers and milk shakes, all their food is made from scratch. Although the main menu consists of burgers, fries and shakes, this is no fast food restaurant. Each mouth-watering menu item is made with the love, care and expertise.
Furthermore, although simple, the interior of Big Jim’s is comfortable, clean and the staff is incredibly welcoming and friendly. If the quality food isn’t tempting enough to bring you in, than the customer service surely will! No matter what time of year you visit The Dalles, make sure to put Big Jim’s on your itinerary.

Big Jim’s is located at 2938 E. 2nd St, only 5 minutes down the road from Celilo Inn.

For more information on fun and delicious places to eat in the area be sure to speak to our friendly staff when staying at Celilo Inn.

To make a reservation you can call 541-769-0001 or go to For more information you can email For the latest updates on events, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!

**Congratulations to this months contest winner Laurel MacSchweitzer! She won 1 free night in December at the Elisabeth Inn in Newport, OR!**
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