The Dalles Dam

One of the cool things about Celilo Inn is that almost every room has a magnificent view of the Columbia River and the historic The Dalles Dam. Construction on The Dalles Dam began in 1952 and it has been a staple in the community ever since. However, there’s more to The Dalles Dam then the dam itself!



If you’re visiting The Dalles and you want to check out The Dalles Dam up close and personal we recommend stopping by the Visitors Center right off of Brett Coldfelter Way.  If you want to check it out at your own pace however, spending a day at the Patterson Park Picnic Area, or renting one of our bikes and cycling down to the Water’s Edge to check it out from an incredible vantage point. However you want to experience The Dalles Dam is up to you, but one thing is certain, it’s hard to miss!

For more information on local attractions be sure to speak to our friendly staff when staying at Celilo Inn.

To make a reservation you can call 541-769-0001 or go to For more information you can email For the latest updates on events, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!

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