Cheery People and Cherry Cars at the 34th Annual Northwest Cherry Festival

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center's Covered Wagon

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center’s Covered Wagon (Shown Above)

There was plenty of action this weekend at the Northwest Cherry Festival in The Dalles, Oregon. This year’s schedule of events included the Annual Lip Sync Contest, Saturday Parade, 9th Classic Car Show, Streetfest, vendors, and live music through out the streets of downtown.

It was a beautiful day with warm weather. Far and wide in the crowds, all you could see were cherry shirts and cherry dresses. Candy was thrown out to the little kids lined up on the streets excitedly waiting to see what horse, motorcycle, wagon, tractor, or band was ’round the corner.

Live music from the band Brewer’s Grade was heard from center stage in the Civic Auditorium’s historic theater.

On Federal Street, you could see people milling about car-struck at each of the classic beauties that owners drove from miles away to show off their restored works of art. From a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air to a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, each car told a story of a generation–a story that no doubt some admirer would definitely relate to in the midst of the family-oriented event.

Indeed, this year’s Cherry Festival was indicative of why so many people in the area look forward to this annual staple of late April. If you didn’t make it out this year, you’ll definitely want to make it a ‘don’t-miss’ next year.

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