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The Dalles Is Full Of History

One of the things we love about Celilo Inn is that it is located in a town so rich in history. Known as the last stop on the Oregon Trail, The Dalles is home to a number of well-preserved historic sites, some of which are only open during the summer. If you’re staying with us and want to see some of these sites for yourself you can find a complete list on www.historicthedalles.org. We however, highly suggest checking out the following:

The Fort Dalles Museum Surgeon’s Quarters is a must see. It was first occupied in 1850 where it was originally called Camp Drum. In 1853 the name would change to Fort Dalles. Now all that remains of Fort Dalles is the Surgeon’s Quarters building which has been incredibly preserved.

After visiting the Surgeon’s Quarters you can walk a block to the Anderson Homestead. The home is one of the original homes built in 1895 and the craftsmanship is quite impressive.

The Pioneer Cemetery is an impressive and peaceful place. When walking through it you can truly grasp the magnitude and hardship that these pioneers experienced while settling. It is also located off the East Scenic Drive, providing for beautiful views.

Everywhere you go in The Dalles you will be sure to run into a piece of history.

For more information on historic sites and landmarks be sure to speak to our friendly staff when staying at Celilo Inn.

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