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Maryhill Museum, A Hidden Gem

Anyone that has ever visited The Dalles can attest to the surrounding beauty. Fortunately, the Celilo Inn is located in this stunning region of Oregon. In addition to the scenery, The Dalles is also home to an abundance of History. Housing many of these irreplaceable artifacts and stories is the Maryhill Museum. In fact, the Museum itself has its own unique history behind it.

Maryhill Museum


Samuel Hill

The original intention of the Maryhill Museum was not a museum at all, but rather a home. Samuel Hill was a highly successful business man throughout the early 1900’s. Playing a major role in the building of Oregon and Washington’s infrastructure, Hill was incredibly passionate about building a better Northwest. He also loved the magnificent Columbia River Gorge and wanted to make it accessible to everyone. In 1907, Hill began a perhaps overzealous project—the building of Maryhill Mansion. The mansion was named after his wife and daughter, although neither ever lived there. Unfortunately for Hill, construction on the mansion stopped in 1917 due to lack of irrigation at the time.


Not knowing what to do with his unfinished mansion, and getting on in age, Hill’s friend Loie Fuller encouraged him to

Loie Fuller

convert his mansion into a museum. Maryhill Museum would finally open in 1940, 9 years after Samuel Hill’s death.


Today, the Museum is one of the Columbia Gorge’s hidden treasures and it is only 30 minutes from the Celilo Inn! Every year Maryhill brings in new exhibits, but there are always a few crowd favorites that can be seen every visit. Although there are exhibits from all over the world, many of the items in the Museum are pieces of history from right here inThe Dalles.  There is more to Maryhill than just the museum however. Surrounding the Museum is a breathtaking, sprawling garden. The garden is home to not only exotic plants and intricate sculptures, but to peacocks as well that roam the grounds.


Many visitors to Maryhill Museum pack a picnic lunch, and stop at one of the many wineries along the way to purchase a bottle of wine. After exploring the museum, they sit in the garden, having lunch under the trees and watching the peacocks and the view.


Peacock at Maryhill Museum

Visiting the Maryhill Museum is an experience unlike any other and Celilo Inn is fortunate enough to be located near by.


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