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Take A Step Back Into History With The Fort Dalles Museum

The Dalles, Oregon is more than just a wine lover’s paradise; it also happens to be a great place for history buffs. Our guests can encounter a piece of history at every turn while they stay with us. In fact, Celilo Inn is a part of The Dalles history as well! For our guests that want to take a step back in time, the Fort Dalles Museum is the place to visit.


The Surgeon's Quarters at Fort Dalles

When visiting the Fort Dalles Museum, you will have the opportunity to see a variety of historical houses and artifacts. One such building is the Surgeon’s Quarters. The Surgeon’s Quarters is the only officer’s house remaining from the 1850’s. The Surgeon’s Quarters—which was originally part of Camp Drum (later named Fort Dalles)—played an integral part in the settling of the Willamette Valley since the Columbia River was the main guide for settlers to find their way to the Willamette Valley. As one can imagine, there wasn’t much civilization along the way so Fort Dalles was a bit of relief in an otherwise harsh, scary and unfamiliar environment. However, not everyone was thrilled to see the houses at Fort Dalles. Tensions were high between the officers of Fort Dalles and the surrounding natives. By visiting the Surgeon’s Quarters, not only will you be able to walk in one of Oregon’s oldest historical buildings, but you will also learn about how life on the frontier really was.


Part of the Anderson Homestead


Another structure at the Fort Dalles Museum is the Anderson House. The Anderson House is the original log homestead of Lewis Anderson, a Swedish immigrant. He built his home in 1895 near Fort Dalles. The homestead consists of three buildings—the house, the granary, and the barn. Left abandoned between 1950 and 1970, Wasco County and The Dalles purchased the homestead and restored it to its original glory a year later.


Mail Wagon


The Fort Dalles Museum also houses a large collection of antique vehicles ranging from covered wagons to vintage automobiles. With over 30 vehicles, this collection is a physical time line of the evolution of the individual transportation.

For more information on historical places in and around The Dalles be sure to speak to our friendly staff when staying at Celilo Inn.

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Discovering the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

One thing that makes The Dalles such a great place to visit is the rich history that surrounds the town. From the way the Columbia River Gorge was formed to the formation of the town itself, there is always something to learn, investigate and explore. Fortunately for our guests, Celilo Inn is located just 15 minutes from the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.


Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

The Discovery Center is a great place to visit for people of all ages, but especially families. Located, on the Columbia River, the views from the Discovery Center are incredible on their own, but once you start to explore what the Discovery Center has to offer, that is an even bigger treat!



Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark played a fundamental role in the history of The Dalles and the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center has a great interactive exhibit chronicling the famous expedition.


If you want to go even farther back in time, the Ice Age Exhibit is a fun place to check out. Many people wonder how

Columbian Mammoth

the Gorge came to be. This delves into the geologic history of the Gorge and includes a 13 foot, life-size Columbian Mammoth.


To find out how The Dalles was established, one only has to walk a few feet to the Wasco County Past and Present exhibit. Many of the surrounding towns, including The Dalles, were inhabited by Native American’s. These tribes’ paired with early settlers helped form what is known as Wasco County and The Dalles as we know it today.


Celilo Falls

Hawk from Raptor Experience

The Dalles is also home to a variety of birds. 11 am and 2pm daily, visitors of the Discovery Center can watch the amazing birds of prey show called The Raptor Experience. Some of the birds in the show include falcons, hawks, owls, and eagles. This show is a definite must see!


After touring the exhibits, the next stop is the Nature Walk & Native Plant Trail. This trail is handicap accessible and has a number of interpretive spots where people can learn about the native plants and the area. The trail winds around the Discovery Center Grounds, looping by a beautiful pond, wetland and overlooking the breathtakingColumbia River.


The next time you stay at Celilo Inn be sure to check it out!


To plan your visit to the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center you can check them out online at www.gorgediscovery.org.


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