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Restaurant With A View

Not only does The Dalles offer breathtaking views, it also offers delicious, gourmet food. Celilo Inn is fortunate enough to be located so close to so many incredible restaurants. Our guests need not venture more than 5 minutes from the hotel before coming across a locally popular restaurant! One of our favorite restaurants is the Windseeker, which combines fresh, yummy food and exquisite views.

The Windseeker is located right next to the Columbia River, providing its patrons with spectacular views while they dine. Depending on the season, guests to the restaurant can sit inside or they can take in the surroundings more fully by sitting on the inviting patio.  In addition to the natural beauty of the Gorge, the Windseeker has planted beautiful gardens that patrons can stroll through after their delicious meal.

However, the Windseeker offers more than just great views, their food is exceptional as well.  Basing their dishes on the local cuisine, they specialize in mouth-watering seafood dishes, but if seafood isn’t your favorite flavor there is plenty more to choose from. Between crisp salads, juicy burgers, and flavorful pastas you’re bound to find something you love. Stop by on Sunday’s for their brunch where they serve gourmet omelets and Belgian waffles.

For more information on local restaurants be sure to speak to our friendly staff when staying at Celilo Inn.

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