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May 15-17: Blooms & Brews

Book now for the Friends of the Gorge Play and Stay Weekend!

May 15-17: Blooms & Brews

The eastern Gorge hillsides dotted with vibrant wildflowers will be our playground for the weekend. We will:

  • Enjoy a wine-pairing dinner featuring renowned Columbia Gorge wines
  • Take a guided Native American petroglyph walk to the famed “She Who Watches” aka Tsagaglalal
  • Go for a guided walk on a Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust property to view Ice Age Floods remnants
  • Receive a private vineyard tour and wine tasting
  • Experience bloom heaven on a wildflower walk

Our hub for the weekend will be in The Dalles at cozy Celilo Inn, perched up on a hillside overlooking the Columbia River. Executive Director Kevin Gorman will be your tour guide for the weekend.