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Celilo Guests See Styx

Guest enjoying a pre-concert BBQ

Aside from their delicious wine, Maryhill Winery is also known for their great summer concerts that take places in their outdoor amphitheater. This past Saturday Yes and Styx performed at Maryhill!  As part of a deal between Celilo Inn and Maryhill Winery, we provide our guests with a complimentary shuttle service to and from the concert. This past Saturday was no exception!


Concerts can be a lot of fun, but going on an empty stomach is no fun at all! When you can’t hear the music over your stomach growling there’s a problem. Not wanting this to happen to our guests, at 3:00 pm Celilo Inn kicked off a complimentary, pre-concert barbeque. The barbeque took place on our patio that overlooks the beautiful Columbia River and The Dalles Dam. Since the Celilo Inn is located in The  Dalles, of course it was a beautiful, warm afternoon.

BBQ at Celilo Inn


Like any good barbeque Celilo Inn served our guests mouthwatering hamburgers and cheeseburgers. They could top their burgers off with an assortment of condiments. Since no barbeque would be complete without chips, Celilo Inn provided delicious Kettle Chips to compliment the tasty burgers. To add a little sweet to the savory, our guests could also fill up on juicy grapes!


Not wanting our guests to be thirsty, red and white wine was available for our guests as well as ice cold lemon water. Celilo Inn also invited Quenett Winery to provide our guests with a complimentary wine tasting. Quenett provided two red wines and one white. On this gorgeous summer day, the Pinot Gris seemed to be our guests wine of choice, and for good reason! It is an extremely delicious wine, especially for a hot day!

Quenett Wine Tasting


Bill Coones' Jazz Trio

To top it all off, Bill Coones’ Jazz Trio performed live on our patio. The upbeat, relaxing jazz music helped set a nice tone to the barbeque.


At 5:00 pm it was time for our guests to head on their way. All in all, our guests had a great time gearing up for the concert on our patio. Full and happy, our guests boarded the complimentary shuttle to Maryhill to enjoy Yes and Styx live! With the concert starting at7:00 pm, guests were given ample time to get their seats and explore Maryhill Winery if they so chose.


After the concert, guests boarded the shuttle and came back to Celilo Inn. Since shuttles get to leave first, our guests did not have to wait to get out of the parking lot, or deal with traffic. When they returned to Celilo, although tired, many voiced that they had a blast and couldn’t wait to come back for another concert at Maryhill and a stay at the Celilo Inn.


To find out more about concerts at Maryhill you can visit www.maryhillwinery.com. For a fun, relaxing, comfortable and convenient place to stay you can email us at info@celiloinn.com or call us at 541-769-0001.


To find out about future events at Celilo Inn you can visit us at www.celiloinn.com or Like us on Facebook!


See you at the BBQ!

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