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Wine Is The COR Of The Gorge

Celilo Inn is proud to be located in the heart of Wine Country. Many of our guests spend their time here going from winery to vineyard, tasting wines and taking in the magnificent views. One of the nearby wineries that we love is COR Cellars.


COR Cellars is located across the river in Lyle, WA and overlooks the rolling hills of the Columbia Gorge. Established in 2005, COR has been producing delicious and award winning wines. COR also boasts their own vineyard which is visible from the tasting room. The winery produces a variety of wines and you are certain to find one that you love. They produce the following wines:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Malbec
  • Petit Verdot
  • Riesling
  • Pinot Gris
  • Gewurztraminer

The wines are made from a combination of grapes from their vineyard as well as ones purchased from the Columbia Valley.

COR Cellars is open Wednesday-Sunday 11am-6pm.

For more information on local wineries be sure to speak to our friendly staff when staying at Celilo Inn.

To make a reservation you can call 541-769-0001 or go to www.celiloinn.com. For more information you can email info@celiloinn.com. For the latest updates on events, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!

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Good Weather Means Good Hiking

It’s no secret that The Dalles and the Columbia Gorge as a whole is one of the most beautiful places in the Country. Fortunately, Celilo Inn is located right in the midst of all this beauty. Many of our guests love the outdoors just as much as we do and are constantly looking for new places to hike, picnic and explore. One of the places we frequently recommend is Columbia Hills State Park.

The 3,338-acre park is home to breathtaking views and wildlife as well as trails, a 7,500 foot freshwater shoreline of the Columbia River and Horsethief Lake. Guests love packing up food and heading to Columbia Hills State Park for a picnic or to spend one of our famously hot days next to the cool water of the Columbia River or Horsethief Lake. If hiking is more your style then rest assured there is plenty of that to be done at this expansive park as well.

If you’re looking to truly take in the scenery than you will definitely want to visit Columbia Hills State Park the next time you stay with us.

For more information on local parks be sure to speak to our friendly staff when staying at Celilo Inn.

To make a reservation you can call 541-769-0001 or go to www.celiloinn.com. For more information you can email info@celiloinn.com. For the latest updates on events, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter

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Springtime Cycling

Now that spring is finally here, those outdoor activities that we love so much are finally possible! Many of Celilo Inn’s guests are avid cyclists, and with good reason! The Dalles is home to a number of cycling trails for all levels of experience. With good weather on the way it’s time to get back out there and explore, and we suggest doing it by bike!

For cyclists looking to take in the town and the beauty of the Columbia River, we suggest taking the River Front Trail to the Discovery Center. This route allows for the leisurely cyclist to discover The Dalles at their own pace; the route is a little over 10 miles long.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge however, we would suggest the Cherry Heights Loop. This trail is 17.4 miles long and has an 1800’ elevation gain.  For those cyclists up for the challenge this trail is a must. With stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge, this trail not only captures the natural beauty of the surrounding area, but also provides an excellent work out.

Another great trail that experience wise is similar to the Cherry Heights Loop is the Deschutes River Trail. This trail provides cyclists with a different view of the area. Not only is the scenery beautiful, many cyclists have the opportunity to see spectacular wild life roaming around. The Deschutes River Trail is definitely a very fun trail!

For those cyclists looking for an even bigger challenge we suggest the Mosier Loop. The Mosier Loop is 33.6 miles long with a 2980’ elevation gain. The topography of the terrain begins to slowly change the farther east one goes, and this becomes evident on this trail. If you’re looking for a fun and beautiful trail that provides a bit of a challenge, you will definitely want to try out the Mosier Loop.

However, if you’re looking for an even more challenging trail, you need not worry. The Dalles-Hood River trail is one of the most challenging trails in the area. It is 46.5 miles long and has a 3760’ elevation gain. This rout, as the name suggests, runs from The Dalles to the neighboring city of Hood River. Cyclists that take this route will be challenged while being provided the best views of the area. If you’re up for the challenge, we highly recommend this trail! 

For a map of the trails in the area you can visit www.thedalleschamber.com/cycling_map.pdf

For more information on cycling routes in The Dalles and surrounding areas be sure to speak to our friendly staff when staying at Celilo Inn.

To make a reservation you can call 541-769-0001 or go to www.celiloinn.com. For more information you can email info@celiloinn.com. For the latest updates on events, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!

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It’s A Great Day For A Columbia Gorge Wedding

Although beautiful year around, something special happens in The Dalles and the Columbia River Gorge in the Fall. With the changing of the seasons comes a desire for new beginnings. Maybe this desire comes from the new vibrant colors as they start to paint the landscape, or maybe it’s the familiar fall aromas that start to fill the air. Where ever that desire for a new beginning comes from, one thing is certain, there is not better way to start anew than with a wedding! If a Fall wedding is in your future, you don’t have to look any farther than the Celilo Inn and the Columbia Gorge.

One of the most important decisions that goes into the wedding planning is pinning down the perfect venue.  If you combine this gorgeous season with a great venue, your wedding planning will be off to a great start! Luckily for us, the Columbia Gorge provides couples with naturally beautiful surroundings as well as charming venues.

Bride and Groom at Maryhill Winery

If the romances of a winery are in your wedding vision, one only has to look at Maryhill Winery to know that they’ve found the perfect place! The stunning views and its rustic Italian charm make for one of the most romantic backdrops a bride and groom could ask for. Maryhill Winery is also conveniently located only 25 minutes from the Celilo Inn! There are also a number of other wineries near by that are just as lovely and could serve as the ideal wedding venue for you!

For those couples who have dreamed of getting married in a church, the Riverenza church in The Dalles is wonderful! This charming church with an old world feel sits 120 guests comfortably. This has every feature and amenity that a bride and groom would need to make their day flawless. The Riverenza provides the wedding party with an old stone courtyard, ballroom, fellowship hall, dressing room and kitchen, all of which are wheelchair accessible. The Riverenza church is only a 10 minute drive away from the Celilo Inn!

The Riverenza Church

The Ballroom at The Dalles Civic Auditorium

For larger wedding parties, The Dalles Civic Auditorium is the perfect choice! Offering a room with a capacity of 400 people; The Ballroom is the perfect choice for a larger wedding reception. With its floating hardwood dance floor, elegant décor, balcony, and warm ambiance, The Ballroom is an excellent choice. The venue is also conveniently located only a little over 5 minutes away from the Celilo Inn!

If you’re planning a wedding in The Dalles, congratulations! We look forward to seeing you and we wish you the best of luck! Furthermore if you stay at Celilo Inn on Saturday during the month of October your second night will be 50% off!

For your wedding day lodging needs be sure to speak to our friendly staff when staying at Celilo Inn.

To make a reservation you can call 541-769-0001 or go to www.celiloinn.com. For more information you can email info@celiloinn.com or Like us on Facebook!

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“Wine Down” with Celilo Inn

One of the great things about Celilo Inn is that it’s located in the heart of Oregon Wine Country. With over 30 different wineries and vineyards in and around The Dalles, OR, wine tasting is usually on our guests’ itinerary!

Taking advantage of our proximity to some of the best wineries in the Northwest, Celilo Inn has partnered with Columbia Wine Tours to provide our guests with an irresistible wine tour package!   What’s in the wine tour package? Here’s a little virtual taste of the tour you can go on!


Maryhill Winery

Maryhill Winery, located 25 minutes from Celilo Inn in Goldendale, WA, is one of the biggest, most renowned wineries in the Northwest. Maryhill opened its doors in 2001 and has been exponentially growing and improving ever since. Currently the winery produces 18 different varietals and 27 different wines! In 2009, Maryhill Winery was voted Washington Winery of the Year by Wine Press Northwest. Over the years Maryhillhas won countless awards for a number of their wines.

Maryhill Winery

On our wine tour you will have the opportunity to taste a variety of their wines, including some of the award winners! The wines available for tasting change regularly, so every time you go it’s a new experience. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and dedicated to making your wine tasting experience a memorable one.

The winery is located on a bluff overlooking the Columbia River. If you find a wine you like, you can purchase a glass or bottle and sit on the beautiful, Italian style patio–enjoying your wine and the view.


Cascade Cliffs Vineyard and Winery

In our wine tour package you will also have the chance to visit the Cascade Cliffs Vineyard and Winery. The winery is located 20 minutes from Celilo Inn in Wishram,WA.

A smaller winery, Cascade Cliffs is dedicated to creating wines that are pure and simple yet profoundly delicious. The wine makers have taken example from the beautiful, authentic natural surroundings and have infused this natural beauty into their wine.

Cascade Cliffs Winery

Wine tasting takes place in the winery where you also have the opportunity to see the wine makers in action due to their open-to-the-public view of their production room. The winery has a rustic charm. Visitors can sit inside or out while they relax and sip on one of Cascade Cliffs luscious wines.


Waving Tree Winery and Vineyards

Another possible stop in our wine tour package is Waving Tree Winery and Vineyards. Just like Maryhill, Waving Tree is located 25 minutes from Celilo Inn in Goldendale,WA.

Waving Tree, named for the way the trees sway in the windy area, is located beneath the Stonehenge Memorial. Surrounded

Waving Tree Tasting Room

by numerous “waving trees,” lovely weather and rolling hills, the winery has a pleasant country feel to it. The owners are amiable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, making every wine tasting experience an enjoyable one. Since the winery produces over 10 different wines and varietals, 8 of which use grapes grown on the Waving Tree Vineyard, you will definitely find your next favorite wine!


Dry Hollow Vineyards

Surrounded by the Hi-Valley Cherry Orchard, the soil and scenery provide perfect conditions for growing and enjoying wines at Dry Hollow Vineyards. Dry Hollow is located in The Dalles, just 15 minutes from Celilo Inn.

Dry Hollow Tasting Room

Atop a hill, the views from the tasting room are truly breathtaking all year round. A visit to Dry Hollow is worth it just for the views, but a taste of their wines is the Hi-Valley Cherry on top!

Dry Hollow produces 7 different wines. Whether you prefer reds, whites or you’re undecided, you will definitely find a wine that suits your taste buds!


Marshal’s Winery

Marshal’s Winery, located 15 minutes from Celilo Inn in Dallesport,WA, is one of the possible stops on the wine tour.

Nestled in a canyon, the peaks of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, as well as the majestic Columbia River can be seen from the tasting room. The winery,

Marshal's Winery

which was established in 1998, has been a family business from the beginning. In fact, Marshal’s was named after the owner’s son!  The familial spirit of Marshal’s has carried over to the pourers who will make you feel right at home as you taste their carefully crafted wines.

Marshal’s produces 11 different wines, one of which received the Silver medal at the Tri-City Wine Festival! The wines range from the classic to Marshal’s custom blends. The small town charm paired with the tasty wines makes for a fun and charming experience.


Sunshine Mill

Sunshine Mill is a historic gem. Located only 5 minutes from Celilo Inn, it’s an amazing place to visit just for the history alone!

Originally the Sunshine Mill was an old wheat mill that was in operation for 130 years. Now, however, it acts as a tasting room. When the new owners took over they made sure to restore and preserve much of the building’s history. Much of the original equipment is still there, creating a fun atmosphere for wine tasting.

Sunshine Mill

The Sunshine Mill acts as the tasting room for two local wineries, Quenett and Copa Di Vino. With one stop you have the opportunity to taste wines from two amazing wineries! Currently Sunshine Mill provides 10 different wines to choose from.

The staff is passionate, not only about the wines, but the building’s history as well. When on the Celilo Inn wine tour you’ll be able to sip on delicious wine from local wineries while exploring a piece of history.


For More Information…

Now that your taste buds are tingling and your quest for relaxation has been ignited you can make your Celilo Inn Wine Tour reservation by calling us at 541-769-0001

To find out what other packages Celilo Inn offers visit our website www.celiloinn.com or email us at info@celiloinn.com. To get the latest updates (or tell us how you liked the wine tour!) like us on Facebook.

See you in the vineyard!

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Celebrating One Year at Celilo Inn!

November marks one year since the renovation and completion of the beautiful Celilo Inn!  It’s been an exciting and successful first year for us with plenty of great people, fun events and beautiful weather to be thankful for.

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, we’re offering 20 percent off room rates throughout the month of November to anyone that mentions our anniversary upon check-in. It’s our way of saying thank you for all your support over the past year. We look forward to hosting you at the Celilo Inn soon!

Here are a few highlights from our first year in business:

Celilo Inn Grand Opening Ceremony

Local residents, businesses and supporters gathered for the opening of this newly renovated property. The evening was a success, complete with a blessing ceremony performed by members of the local Native Americans tribe.

Maryhill Winery Summer Concert Series

Guests enjoyed wine hour before the shuttle arrived to take guests to the Train concert at Maryhill. A shuttle was available to guests staying at Celilo Inn to and from each concert at Maryhill Winery.

Ferrari Club of America Visit to Celilo Inn

More than 40 members of the Ferrari Club’s Northwest Chapter visited Celilo Inn this summer to run the Maryhill Loops road and enjoy the Columbia River Gorge’s beautiful scenery.

We are looking forward to another successful year ahead. Cheers!

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Celilo Inn Featured in Yakima Magazine!

We’re please to share with you that Celilo Inn was featured in the September/October issue of Yakima Magazine! In a piece about the beauty and fun to be found in the Columbia River Gorge, Celilo Inn was highlighted as a great place to stay if you plan to spend the night.  Highlighting our new renovation and great ammenities, we’re thrilled to be included in such a great article.  Check out the mention below, or online at: http://www.yakimamagazine.com/2010/09/10/fall-in-love-with-the-columbia-river-gorge/. Enjoy!

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